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Covered on our course:
  • How to overcome extreme approach anxiety before approaching women
  • The best way to make a powerful first impression with women
  • 5 visualisation techniques to increase your confidence approaching women
  • How to manage and handle rejection when approaching attractive women
  • A breathing technique to calm your nervous system when speaking to attractive women
  • How to create a successful mindset when approaching women
  • A reflective journaling technique to maximise your results approaching women
  • The proven technical way to approach any woman at any time
  • 9 tried-and-tested ways to approach women in any setting
  • A motivational speech to listen to before approaching women

Our course helps overcome these dating issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this teach me everything I need to know to approach attractive women?
Yes – The audio program is the technical part of approaching women. It is the same strategy that we teach on our dating bootcamps.


Can this help me with approach anxiety?
Yes – How to overcome approach anxiety and fear forms a large part of the course.


Can you tell me how I access the program after I have paid?
Yes – Once you click buy now, you will be directed to the Paypal website to make a secure payment and then the audio program will be emailed to you.


Can you tell me how long the program is?
Yes – The program consists of 26 audios, each roughly 90 seconds to 3 minutes in length. They cut to the core and give you a direct action to take.


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