Eye Contact Attraction | The Power Of Eye Sex (updated 2024)

Eye Contact Attraction | The Power Of Eye Sex (updated 2024)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

This article will teach you how to create eye contact attraction with women. These are the tried-and-tested strategies I have been teaching on my Social Attraction confidence courses for the past twelve years.

It will help you to avoid the following:

  • Feeling inadequate when speaking to a woman you find sexually attractive.
  • Looking away first when you try to hold eye contact with an attractive woman.
  • Feeling embarrassed when you lean in to kiss a woman and she pulls away.

No one should feel so powerless in their dating life – it is wrong.

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Defining eye contact attraction

As your dating coach, I’d like to talk to you about the power of eye contact in creating attraction. Eye contact is a crucial component of non-verbal communication and plays a significant role in establishing connections with women.

When used effectively, eye contact can convey confidence, interest, and sincerity, helping you build rapport and attract the attention of potential partners. However, it’s essential to strike a balance between maintaining eye contact and avoiding excessive staring, which might make the other person feel uncomfortable.

In this blog, we’ll work on developing your eye contact skills, exploring various techniques to help you use eye contact effectively while interacting with women. We’ll focus on understanding the subtle nuances of eye contact, such as how to maintain it during conversations, gauge the other person’s interest, and communicate your intentions non-verbally.

By mastering the art of eye contact, you’ll be better equipped to create genuine connections, foster attraction, and elevate your dating success. Let’s work together to harness the power of eye contact and enhance your ability to connect with women on a deeper level.

Does eye contact always mean attraction?

Eye contact from women has different meanings, and it is crucial to be able to decipher her different types:

  • If you get eye contact with a girl and she looks down, this is a sign she may be attracted to you.
  • If she looks up and away, this is typically a sign that a woman does not find you attractive.
  • Finally, if she looks to the side, there is an ambiguity there, meaning she may or may not be attracted to you.

Taking notice of a woman’s other body language responses when you first make eye contact will help you identify any mutual attraction.

Eye contact signs of attraction

In my professional opinion, if a girl is attracted to you, then she will give you a cluster of body language signs.

Here are the three main ones:

  • Touching her hair
  • Prolonged smiling
  • Deep eye contact

I recall teaching these techniques to a 19-year-old client in Edinburgh who was attracted to women in their late 20s.

He appeared confident, charming and charismatic, yet he could not hold eye contact with women. We found that his outward confidence was attractive to the younger girls. However, when he spoke to more confident women, they could see through the bravado.

So we started from scratch. I got my client to stop speaking and hold eye contact for sixty seconds with my female coaching assistant. That was the first time in his life that he had ever held a woman’s gaze. He said he felt vulnerable at first and wanted to look away.

Yet, after twenty seconds, he relaxed and started to feel a magnetic pull into the girl’s eyes. Welcome to the power of eye sex – not bad at 19 years of age!

Signs of mutual attraction eye contact?

The best way to know if there are signs of mutual attraction eye contact is to look out for a particular combination of responses from a woman.

As mentioned above, these are called body language clusters and the main one to look out for is eye contact with hair play. When I first started to coach men to meet women in the day, I noticed this particular body language cluster from women.

Generally, if a woman first sees us and then plays with her hair and looks down, she is receptive to starting a conversation.

Hair-playing with eye contact

If we pause for a second and think about our response when we see an attractive lady, our automatic reaction is to feel a surge of energy in our bodies. Sometimes we label this as ‘anxiety,’ I prefer to label it as a ‘call to action.’

Nevertheless, in my experience, women also feel this same energy surge in their bodies. Women often energy channel this energy into playing with their hair, which has the powerful effect of drawing our attention towards her body.

The biology behind eye contact

Understanding these biological responses helps us have the confidence to walk over and start a new conversation with women.

This knowledge is a hidden gem that I have been teaching my clients for years. I remember teaching it to a 27-year-old client in London who had a shotgun approach to speaking to women. Instead, we improved his style and taught him the eye contact attraction signs to look out for. And now he approaches fewer women (ones that give him the go-ahead signals), yet he has a much higher dating success rate.

Holding eye contact attraction?

The simplest way to generate eye contact attraction with a girl is to hold eye contact with her until she looks away first.

Maintaining eye contact in this manner is effective because it has been scientifically proven that the longer you hold eye contact with women, the more oxytocin is released.

Oxytocin is a chemical linked to our feelings of love and closeness with women.

Supercharged eye contact

To supercharge your eye contact with women, then lift your chin to the point where you can no longer see your feet.

By lifting your chin to this level, you elevate your posture and demonstrate powerful and commanding body language.

This has the effect of preventing us from looking down or away first when we first meet women.

Intense eye contact attraction?

The best way to enhance eye contact attraction with women is by slowing down your voice.

Slowing down your voice means you can hold deeper eye contact, not focusing on what you will say next in the conversation.

If you picture kissing a girl for the first time, the slower you speak, the easier it is to move closer and share intimacy.

Eye contact intimacy

Slowing down your voice and holding intense eye contact are two guaranteed ways to become more confident around women.

Once you have a base level of eye contact and vocal control, you can add other features to your dating strategy.


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  • Read a woman’s eye contact: If she looks down, she is interested in you. To the left, and she is unsure. If she looks up and away, she is showing disinterest.
  • She is attracted to you when she plays with her hair while holding deep eye contact with you.
  • Do not look away from women first because it conveys insecurity.

Written by Gary Gunn

Gary Gunn is a trained coach, accredited therapist and best selling author. He offers proven, evidence-based dating advice for single men.

He has hosted over 1,000 in-person dating confidence courses across the UK and Europe, as well as over 1,500 online courses.

As the head coach at Social Attraction, he leads the team and oversees the training and courses provided, helping countless men transform their dating lives.
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